Dogs' Best Friend Rescue Association is a non-profit charitable animal welfare organization located in Ratchaburi, Thailand.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray, unloved and unwanted dogs. The association will work within the greater community to educate safe and respected practices of animal care and shelter to ensure that every stray feels safe, respected and loved.

The rescued dogs will receive a wellness check, treatment, training and placed for adoption when suitable. Foster homes will be utilized for house training and human interaction/adaption. This will allow for a more appropriate family placement. Adopters will undergo a strict screening process and training in responsible animal care.

For those that cannot be rehomed, a stable environment will be available to those that need it at the shelter. Each animal in our care will be sterilized before rehoming to ensure the population of street animals is restricted.

Our vision is to assist the local community in operating mobile sterilization clinics and wellness checks enabling access to any demographic. 

Please help us to achieve the goal of seeing an end to the suffering of soi dogs on the streets in Thailand and donate today.



Peter - Founder

Peter first started rescuing dogs in Thailand when he and his wife Khung discovered Beagle puppies being dumped at local markets because they did not sell or had various health problems. He rescued over 50 dumpster puppies and found loving homes for them.
He then volunteered his time to work in a temple shelter as part of a reconstruction crew for over a year before helping to reduce street dog populations through catch, sterilize and release work.
In 2016, Peter started to foster dogs until new families were found and unfortunately as it is not always possible to rehome the more difficult dogs due to health or behavioural problems the number of dogs at his home increased.
Needing to reduce the noise at home, renting farmland and starting a shelter away from the city was the ideal solution to allow the dogs to live more freely. This was the start of the Dogs' Best Friend Rescue Association in Ratchaburi.
Peters dream is to help the suffering live a more comfortable life.