Some of our rescues require complex and expensive medical treatment and others are unfortunately not suitable for adoption. Partial or Full sponsorship packages are available and you will receive regular updates on the dogs treatment and well-being, certificate of appreciation and free Bulldog membership status for period of sponsorship.


CHARCOAL (D.O.B: 6/3/20)

Luxating Patellas

She may have wonky back legs but Charcoal does not let this slow her down. She was dumped as a puppy with her brother Noodles at a temple. She has been reared in foster care her whole life and is a very energetic dog. Charcoal requires surgery to correct her luxating patellas. She has already been sterilised and is otherwise healthy. Once she has her operation she can then be placed for adoption.
Surgery & physical therapy cost:  40-50,000 baht
X-rays cost: 1200 baht
Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor Charcoal's surgery.